You save energy not only with our refrigeration technology but also in the browser.
Because a dark screen background can save up to 20% energy.
Where we can save energy, we do it!


… is not just a wordplay by a marketing agency but a lived tradition of siblings Christoph Pass and Dorothe Kortenkamp-Pass. Naturalness, sustainability, and regional focus are the unchanging guiding principles of this family business. With the production and sale of artisanal baked goods, the bakery has seen consistent growth in and around Düsseldorf for years. And because the young generation identifies precisely with this, there is no succession problem in the company. With Margaux Pass and Kaspar Kortenkamp, the successor generation is already in the starting blocks and committed to the family business.

When it came to the expansion and construction of the bakery in the southern part of the state capital, the siblings insisted on an environmentally friendly and future-proof refrigeration concept with the highest energy efficiency. Four ICECOOL SLOWPROOFING units, a large dough deep-freeze storage, as well as several chilled and frozen storage units now support the bakery in its daily production. Cold generation is achieved using the natural refrigerant CO2 with heat recovery. All proofing and defrosting processes in the ICECOOL refrigeration units are operated using this heat recovery with warm glycol, eliminating the need for electric heating elements.